Valhalla Path
A mobile runner about a Berserker running his way to Valhalla.
Help the Berserker achieve his great goal!
The Idea of the Valhalla Path
In the mystical realm of Scandinavian legends, Olaf Järnhand, a mighty Viking, ascends toward Valhalla, yearning to commune with the gods without awaiting his final breath.

At the core of his journey lies the essence of a new game — a tale of fighting against destiny and striving for extraordinary limits.

The gameplay invites players into a mystical labyrinth where each turn presents an opportunity for encounters with foes and a chance to seize boosters transforming Olaf into an unstoppable whirlwind of destruction.

Olaf emerges as a symbol of strength, a mortal whose fate players can alter, dodging death and reaching the goal through a path laden with trials and glory.
This grand mortal quest to Valhalla, where the gods themselves await, imbues the game with the epic depth and magic of Scandinavian myths, echoing the tradition of great sagas and heroic tales.
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Our Team
  • Andrei Tarasevich
    Founder, Visionary, Artist
  • Pavel Rodygin
    Unity Developer
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