Bear Rush
Unbearievable but truth!
A mobile runner about a bear riding the burning truck!
Help Bear to solve the situations, ride through the stories!
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The Idea of the Bear Rush
Introduction and Setting
In a world ravaged by merciless deforestation and environmental upheaval, a fearless and dynamic bear sets forth on an exhilarating journey.
Fueled by an insatiable hunger and an unwavering thirst for new experiences, the bear's path collides with that of an extraordinary neighbor — a wild-world genius armed with an impressive collection of thrilling toys.
Little did the bear know that this encounter would ignite a daring mission, where the bear's primary objectives would be to indulge in mouthwatering sweets, amass a hoard of captivating toys, and, above all, execute a daring escape. And to add to the excitement, it turns out the bear possesses an astonishing knack for truck driving that defies all expectations.
The Bear's Thrilling Quest
Hold on tight as the bear's adrenaline-fueled quest unfolds, promising a heart-pounding adventure at every turn.
With an unwavering spirit and boundless determination, the bear fearlessly charges into each situation, deftly navigating through exhilarating challenges.
With each encounter, the bear's wild nature is ignited, driving him to gather treasures with reckless abandon. But time is of the essence, and the bear must strategize cunningly to outsmart any looming threats that may lie in wait.
Unleashing Reckless Fun
Prepare to be swept away by a whirlwind of reckless and dynamic fun! As the bear's escapades intensify, a perfect fusion of exhilarating thrills and uproarious humor awaits.
Witness the bear's audacious feats as he fearlessly propels the blazing truck forward, defying all logic with his natural flair. Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of this daring bear as he fearlessly confronts challenging obstacles, all while pursuing his insatiable desires.
With every twist and turn, the bear's adventure promises an explosive experience, leaving you yearning for more surprises just around the corner. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey filled with unparalleled excitement and sheer recklessness!
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Our Unbearivable Team
  • Andrei Tarasevich
    Founder, Visionairy, Artist
  • Yuliya Iskrina
    Product Manager
  • Sergei Gudkov
    Marketing Director
  • Mikita Smolyaninov
    Unity Dev
  • Eugeny Golub
    QA Engineer
  • Mikhail Umpirovich
    Motion Designer,
    Game Mechanics Engineer
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