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SaaS system for automation, implementation, analytics
and control of the knowledge system, career plans, and dynamics
of employees' professional development.
AI assistant in analytics and motivation.
Who is KnowledgeHub for
company building
KnowledgeHub greatly simplifies the tasks of change managers and auditors. Instead of months of building tools, in our SaaS system you will be able to quickly create and implement systematic approaches to the development and assessment of employees in companies.

What do we propose:
  • Automation of change implementation
  • Monitoring employee training and development
  • Predicting the impact of career development
  • employees on the company budget
  • Focus on value creation, not tools
  • You get a bonus for implementing KnowledgeHub with your clients
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KnowledgeHub helps companies manage employee skills and careers. You will be able to see the entire skills situation in the organization, identify problematic departments and provide transparency.

What do we propose:
Managing employee skills and careers in one system
Predicting the impact of career development
employees on the company budget
Low budgets for implementation and maintenance of the system
No risk of losing knowledge carriers in the company
Advisory and operational assistance in implementation
and use of the system in your company

How KnowledgeHub is useful

  • Skills and knowledge base management
    and planning employee career growth
  • Transparency and quick analysis of the situation
    by skills and career
  • Automation of creation of individual
    development plans
  • AI recommendations
    for employee training
  • Monitoring of learning dynamics and influence
    on business metrics
  • Simple interface and integration
    with existing systems
  • Andrei Tarasevich
    Developmate Founder
    During my more than 7-year career in management, I had the opportunity to create departments, introduce culture, knowledge management systems, employee training and work culture in quite a large number of companies.
    Based on my experience and that of my colleagues, I have identified a list of pain points that are systemic in nature and that KnowledgeHub is designed to solve.
Pains that KnowledgeHub solves
Based on the real experiences and needs of change managers, auditors and companies. If you've read this far, it means you really want to improve your business. Congratulations!
  1. Heterogeneous list of tools in different companies, too many entry points for implementation and control
  2. There is no uniform approach to knowledge management and budget forecasting among stakeholders within one company
  3. Insufficient control over staff skills and competencies
  4. Access to training materials and resources is difficult
  5. Uncertainty in organizational structure and employee roles
  6. Lack of analysis of the impact of developing skills and competencies on the salary budget of employees
  7. Lack of transparency in forecasting changes in the salary budget both at the departmental and company level
  8. Difficulties in maintaining and delegating knowledge base updates
  9. Lack of objective control over the dynamics of employee training
  10. Lack of transparency in employee career prospects
  11. Subjectivity in measuring employee skills
  12. Lack of motivation of employees to improve their skills, while wanting to receive a higher salary
  13. Risk of losing a productive culture when key employees or knowledge holders leave
  14. When achieving results with the help of a change manager, there is a risk of losing the stable operation of departments without their personal control
Features that solves these pains
  1. Competency matrix: Filled out according to the real needs of the company. Provides visibility and analysis of current skills and competencies of employees, uses a point system to digitize skill indicators.
  2. Knowledge Base: Provides access to learning materials and resources, increasing accessibility and quality of learning.
  3. Organizational structure: Defines roles and responsibilities, always created for a specific company.
  4. Skillpoint cost analytics: Allows you to analyze how the development of your employees' experience affects the salary budget and adjust the strategy in a timely manner.
  5. Salary Budget Forecast: Provides tools for more accurate budget planning based on skill development.
  6. Delegation of knowledge base updating: Simplifies the process of keeping information up to date.
  7. Monitoring the dynamics of employee training: Allows you to track progress and adjust training in real time.
  8. Employee Career Path Map: Provides visibility into employee career prospects and development.
  9. Objectivity in Skill Measurement: Uses objective criteria to fairly evaluate employee skills.
  10. Artificial Intelligence for Motivation: Provides personalized motivational interventions, increasing employee productivity and engagement.
  11. Unified approaches: after the introduction of KnowledgeHub into the company, there is a unification of approaches to building knowledge management and employee assessment
  12. Model stability: After implementing KnowledgeHub, the company significantly reduces the risk of processes falling after the change manager completes their work
How KnowledgeHub Works
An important detail we took into account: all companies have different cultures and processes. Therefore, our product allows you to quickly deploy and fill out all the standard artifacts described below so that they perfectly suit your company.
Strategic level
At the level of strategy, budgets and formation of company culture, we highlight the following tools:
  • Statistics on salary budgets for employees
  • Analysis of the cost per unit of relevant skill for each grade in each department
  • Forecast for changes in the company's salary budget in the planned period
  • Monitoring the dynamics of skill improvement
  • Visualization of metrics that allows you to identify sore spots in departments in real time and correct them at the strategy level
Tactical level
At the tactical level, we use tools that allow us to analyze and plan department budgets:
  • Current and projected budget of the department.
  • They allow managers to plan decisions on quantitative and qualitative changes in workers in their departments to achieve the company's strategic goals.
  • Dynamics of employees learning recommended skills
  • Monitoring the relevance of upgraded skills
Operational level
At the operational level, we use both standard tools for knowledge management practice and auxiliary ones that will help relieve leads and directors:
  • Competency matrices with scoring of relevant skills
  • Personal development plans for employees with the possibility of setting additional goals
  • Assessment schedule
  • Knowledge base: linked directly to each point of the competency matrix
  • Patterns of skills schemes for department employees
  • Transparency and delegation: at the level of department heads, delegating to employees to update and supplement the knowledge base at the company culture level. Progress is immediately displayed in analytics.
What do we propose
  • Become our partner and receive additional bonuses
    If you are an expert in knowledge and career management, our system allows you to create and sell your own solutions based on it.
    Receive bonuses for attracting new clients.
  • Say Yes to Growing Your Business and Profits
    Our system is easily integrated into your company and starts working instantly.
    You'll be able to see analytics, graphs, and AI recommendations based on your data.
  • Full adaptation to your company
    We provide you with a powerful tool to customize the system to suit your company's unique needs.
    You can customize the system to perfectly match your business processes and organizational structure, which ultimately saves your time and resources.
  • Analytics for forecasting salary budgets for employees
    We provide you with analytics of current budgets for employee remuneration, as well as for the future, when they achieve their development goals.
    You will be able to build a win-win strategy in advance that will strengthen your business.
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